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A Tale of Two Cities




It was the best of times... (Hey, that sounds familiar!)

Where do you live? Do people there enjoy good food and good times? WELL OF COURSE THEY DO! We are tracking where we are shipping orders to most each month. (Tracking orders placed totaling over $25.00 after any discounts for this promotion.) For the two cities with the greatest amount of orders shipped for each month, all orders shipped to those cities/towns/hamlets will receive a 10% discount on all orders above $25.00 for the next calendar month if you are registered with this promotion. Sign up at the bottom of the page and you will be signed up for as long as the program lasts. We will email you a coupon code for every month your city wins!

Get the word out to everyone in your city/town!

January Leaderboard

  1. Sacramento, CA - 000 
  2. Rancho Cordova, CA - 000
  3. Caliente, NV - 000
  4. New Orleans, LA - 000  
  5. Raliegh, NC - 000
  6. Houston, TX - 000
  7. Henderson, NV - 000
  8. St. Petersberg, FL - 000
  9. Tulsa, OK - 000
  10. Newark, NJ - 000



December Winner: 

Atlanta, GA - 000

Eugine, OR - 000 

  All participating orders with shipping addresses in Atlanta, GA and Eugine, OR will recieve 10% off their order above $25.00 for the entire month of September.

Winning cities are not eligible to participate in the competition the calander month in which they recieve the award.

Number cout updated at least twice a week, more as the month comes to an end.


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