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And the winner is...  


Sooo... What do they think??? It is time to blow some horns and pat ourselves on the back!!!!! We decided to ‘Put our products where our mouth is.’ so to speak. Here are the results. We put our products up against all comers in various barbecuing / cooking and food competitions from across the country. We also sent out samples to reviewers of food all over the country. All formats, newspapers, magazines, blogs, websites, radio and T.V. were asked to review. Here is how we did.  


May I have the envelope please?



ZestFest 2011: The Fiery Food Challenge    

logo.jpg         zestfest-2011.jpg

Marketing Division: Logo Design  


2nd Place  


 Lincoln County Homecoming: Memorial Day Weekend - May 2010 )


Caliente Barbecue Cook-Off




1st Palce - Brisket (2 catagories)


2nd Place - Chicken (Dry Rub)  










That’s right… 1st Place!


The 2006 Zesty Best, the #1 amateur food contest in the nation.


BBQ Sauce – Hot DivisionDante’s


Devine (Inferno) Barbecue Sauce


More to follow...


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