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Of course we think our products are Divine! Here is what others who have tried our products are saying. These are all actual quotes I have personally herd from different people. If you have a testimonial you would like to share, drop us a line and we will definitely consider it for our site.


Spice Blends:

Finishing Spice - Paradise


Finishing Spice - Purgatory
I have used it on all kinds of stuff.
It works... on whatever I try.
Aaron M.


Finishing Spice - Inferno
This is the spice for all true
pepper-heads. Will take any
dish and add heat without
masking its flavor.
Ed V.

Beef Dry Rub - Purgatory


Chicken Dry Rub - Purgatory


Pork Dry Rub - Purgatory


Steak Seasoniong


Wild Game Dry Rub - Big Game



Barbecue Sauces:

'I've tried every one... oh man!
If you love great BBQ, then one of these
sauces is destined to be your new favorite!
Kurt D.

Original Paradise:
'This is very good. I was
surprised that it was mild
without being bland.'
Vivian H.
Original Purgatory:
'I have never tasted a sauce
this good. The flavors just
mix so well.'
Mark R.
Original Inferno:
'It's great because it doesn't just
burn out your tongue. It's rich in
flavors as the heat settles in.'
Jack M.
  Bourbon Purgatory:
'This is gooood! You can
smell the bourbon when you
open the jar and the flavors
mingle like a dream with
whatever cut of meat you use.'
Larry H.
  Tequila Purgatory:
'Each new flavor you come up with
is awesome! I am starting to
notice a pattern with alcohol...'
Tim D.


Tericue - Purgatory
'This was a flavor experence I had never expected. It is barbecue at a new level, fantastic!'
Dave L.

Tericue - Inferno

Teriyaki - Purgatory

'I served Teriyaki Chicken at my daughters wedding reception and it was a total hit. Several commented that it was the best tasting teriyaki sauce they had ever encountered.'
Brian R.

 Epic Pepper Sauce
'This is a product that I keep coming up with new recipe ideas for. It is not just pure heat, it's full flavored heat!'
Steve D.

Amaretto Injector Sauce
'I never thought this could be so good! Such rich distinctive and at the same time mellow flavors.'
Elayne C.

Pepper Infused Tequila
Injector Sauce
'Off the Hook! Tried this in a turkey and it was just incredible.'
Geri A.




My Favorite Quote:

Original Inferno Barbecue Sauce

'That stuff is great! I could even taste it through my chew.'
Bruce B.

(Yes, he really said that! I am pretty sure he meant it as a complement.)

My Favorite Story: 

I know a teacher who also does catering on the side. He has tried all of our products and is impressed with them. He is in fact one of the testers I used even before this story happened. Well last year at one of the events I was cooking for, someone purchased several of our products. We didn't cross paths until the middle of January 2007 after the winter break. When we did see each other again, he told me that someone had given him a few jars of our barbecue sauce as a Christmas present. His friend loved the sauce and thought it was a perfect present for someone who loved good foods and wanted him to know about this "Gem of a sauce!" that he had found.

Incidentally, he already had been using our products for different events he had been catering.



Oh yes! Lots of people have LOTS of good things to say about Dante's Devine products. I will be getting more of them up real soon.

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