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Great Books are now Great Promotional Programs!


Lord Of The Rings: Earn awards as you advance in levels for helping us spread the word about our products.

Tale Of Two Cities: 

Great Expectations: Dante's Devine Recipe Contest! Enter your recipe using our products and gain fame and notoriety when we publish it in our quarterly cookbook through our Devine Times Newsletter. (The Newsletter is monthly, the cookbook is quarterly.) Oh there are also prizes involved...

Picture Of Dorian Grey: Take a picture of yourself holding our product in an interesting location and we will post it.

Gullever's Travels: 


Ring Bearer: -noun, plural - Bearers

A person, persons or socal group of any size who follow and appreciate the products, goings ons, information and updates of Dante's Devine Gourmet Foods LLC by becoming a Facebook Fan and following our Twitter posts.

Sign up for our monthly newsletter (on the left) to receive valuble cupon codes for our specials. You will also receive recipes, cooking and party persentation ideas. We also highlight links to sites with information and products that go well with our products.

Ring Bearers also sign-up to take advantage of our 'Lord of the Rings', 'Gulliver's Travels' and 'A Tale of Two Cities' programs which allows them to receive products, promotional items and even free trips to reward their loyalty!

Sampling Our Product Releases!!! One of the best part of being a Ring Bearer is the sampling of new products prior to release to the general public. We will regularly choose from our followers a random sample to be our testers to get some completly honest opinions of our new products we are working on for release.




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