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Whole Pig Roast

Whole Roast Pigcatering09.jpg

A traditional Pig Roast served hot out of our smoker – Deep Smoke.

Make your event the talk of the town with a Pig Roast from Dante’s Devine Catering.

Your guests will enjoy viewing the fully cooked pig on our smoker. Our chef will answer questions and give out samples. At serving time the chef will pull the hot, tender and juiciest pork off and on to your guests buffet.

We roast whole pigs for all types of celebrations. This fascinating tradition is a feast for all senses: the aroma of meat slow-roasting to a golden brown, the heat of the fire, the sizzle of the juices. Our roasts are succulent and intensely flavorful from special marinades. We slow smoke the animal for six to twenty-two hours, depending on size. The meat is savory, aromatic, and delicious. Roasting the animal is a long and labor-intensive process, which may involve several people over several days. Our customers find that it is well worth the expense.

We can roast onsite or deliver the roast to you. We can provide a full range of appetizers, salads, sides, and desserts, or just the centerpiece for an unforgettable event. Contact us to discuss specifications for your event.

Uncooked (Hanging) Weight

  • 40lbs- Serves 25
  • 50lbs- Serves 35
  • 70lbs- Serves 40 – 50
  • 90lbs- Serves 60 – 70
  • 110lbs- Serves 80 – 90
  • 130lbs- Serves 100 – 110
  • 150lbs- Serves 140




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